Price: $475

Seller: Elizabeth T.
State: Louisiana
City: Metairie
Zip code: 70003
Type: Animals

Our two designer mix toy dogs recently had 5 puppies. As we love them all, we cannot keep them. We are looking for someone who loves little dogs and will provide each with a great home. We love our dogs very much. We are NOT breeders, and this is the LAST time she will have puppies. They are 8 weeks old, and ready for a good family to take them in. We will be very cautious when giving them to their new owner. DO NOT CONTACT US if you are BREEDER or just looking to resell these toy "Tea Cup" dogs for a profit. Our adoption fee is a little high, and can be negotiated. We raised the price of the adoption fee to ensure the new family owners are serious about having these lil dogs becoming part of their family.
Second Generation Chin-Wa's are difficult to find, and make great pets for any family. These are a designer mix - Our two loving dog's are both 2nd generation Chin-Wa s Chihuahua/Japanese Chin. These are tiny small dogs- and the max size will be about 5lbs. Looking for new homes that know about small dogs and are able to take care of them.
Below is the puppies descriptions is a little background on the parents.
P.J. - 2 lbs, 3 oz. Black and White little boy who looks like his daddy hence the name P.J. (Princeton Junior). He loves to play, explore, and snuggle.
Gia - 1 lb, 7 oz. White with a few Tan markings, tiny baby girl with a fun loving personality. She is the second smallest of the litter.
Evie - 1 lb, 11 oz. Tan with a few White markings, sweet little girl looks exactly like her momma did at her age and she loves to cuddle.
Guinness - 2 lbs, 3 oz. Chocolate Brown boy with lighter hazel green eyes. His coloring is very unusual for a Chin-Wa and he is very rare. He has a laid back but still playful personality.
Daisy - 1 lb, 6 oz. White and Tan extremely fluffy baby girl. She is the smallest of all of the puppies and has a very relaxed personality but still loves to hop through the yard like a bunny.
The parents are both 1st generation Chihuahua/Japanese Chin Designer Mix Dogs. Ava (the momma) is Tan and White and weighs about 5 lbs. She loves to snuggle and hang out with her family. Princeton (the daddy) is Black and White and weighs about 5 lbs. He is the life of the party and is always looking to meet new friends but will never pass up the opportunity to snuggle.
They will be available to leave for their new home this Saturday (July 2, ). Feel free to contact us prior to Saturday and we will happily arrange a meeting with you and your new puppy before this Saturday.
Contact us if interested in giving this new puppy a new home.
We will respond quickly to your adoption offer, and set a time a place for you to meet your new puppy. These lil ones will go quick, but we also will reserve them to the RIGHT potentially new owners.
The puppies were born was born on May 5th,
$500/Each - Needs a good loving home
PHONE, EMAIL or TEXT: 504.338.
We will be cautious - and find the right homes for each. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT WE ARE NOT BREEDERS-